There are several other questionable choices, including the episode’s title, which refers to a World War II-era movie about American air strikes on Japan. Writer Matt Marshall envisions Ireland (a.k.a. (“Your American tax dollars at work,” reads a sign at the airport.) Seventeen years ago, an episode of The Simpsons predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US president. Gibson himself is more vacated eyesore than “Hot Star Maps” attraction these days, but his action-movie résumé made him an ideal entry point for Homer’s conception of Tinseltown, a place where he and Mad Max can stick a shootout at the end of a Frank Capra classic, then hijack the Road Warrior car to lead a high-speed chase past such Hollywood Boulevard landmarks like Mann’s Chinese Theater and its lesser-known neighbor, the Chinese Man’s Theater. [Sean O’Neal], It would be 11 seasons before The Simpsons lampooned its own home turf, a company town with so little interest in its own history that Mel Gibson has been entrusted with a remake of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, and a tour-bus guide gets Marge worked up about the Brown Derby restaurant—then points out a vacant lot. To be fair, the animators’ rendering of a dozen or so varieties of po’ boy are pretty satisfying, as far as empty comedy calories go. The Simpsons, of course, is well known for their opening bit during the theme song where they do a different gag involving the Simpsons' couch in most every episode. [Erik Adams], Another Homer and Ned on-the-road episode sees Flanders shamed into bringing the Simpsons along to the Holy Land as a test of his Christian forbearance. The bulk of “Beyond Blunderdome” is about Hollywood as an idea, a dream factory where the Lethal Weapon star whisks the Simpsons away by private jet after Homer is the only member of a test-screening audience to speak his mind about Mr. Smith. “I’m home!” Elsewhere, on the set for a film called Canadian Graffiti, a teen spray-paints “OBEY THE RULES” on a building. More than ten years later, a three-eyed fish was discovered in a reservoir in Argentina. Bart and Lisa are fishing when they catch it, the curiosity and the fish have become one of the show's more famous bit characters. Starting with a bag-boy strike and ending with a possible war criminal working as a flight attendant, this wandering storyline just leads to uninspired country. ), You’d think that an episode about Lisa’s crisis of musical faith being cured by a family trip to New Orleans and an inspirational appearance of the jazzman nephew of Lisa’s late mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy would carry some emotional weight. [Danette Chavez], Canada hosts the Simpsons late in this season-13 episode, when Bart convinces the family to take him to Toronto for a last-ditch effort to reunite with ex-girlfriend Greta Wolfcastle (Reese Witherspoon), daughter of McBain himself, who’s in Canada for a movie. A possible future Trump presidency, said the episode's writer Dan Greaney, "just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. Iiiiit happened. (“You gotta cover the mascot. “Eh, too many kids,” says the other. The producer's self-acclaimed concept is that of an amorphous, anonymous, space-bound being that … Can you see it? [Kyle Ryan], Ultimately, season 11’s “Missionary Impossible” cares less about the culture of Micronesia than it does the distinguished television of Great Britain (“If they’re not having a go with a bird, they’re having a row with a wanker!”), and the plotline of Homer fleeing to the Pacific Islands to escape a horde of pissed-off PBS celebrities counts as one of the show’s flimsiest travel premises. The 2013 horse meat scandal. Homer smuggles a snake into Paris (because he’s Homer), leading to the return of Bart’s French nemeses Cesar and Ugolin, whose criminal schemes and Simpson-pursuing skills remain wanting. And in the meantime, check out a new video that goes even further in-depth into the futuristic predictions of The Simpsons below, courtesy of The Pat McAfee Show's Facebook page. And naturally, it's only a matter of time before Homer and Bart's promise not to … A side-by-side image of the episode and real life of Trump waving his hand while going down an escalator sparked the interest of social media. You can be the judge. The mismatched pilgrims in this season-21 entry tour the requisite Jerusalem sights, rendered throughout with a beige sameness that doesn’t do the Jerusalem tourist board any favors. Detours. It’s tough to riff on a location whose most famous renowned denizens zoom in and out of town every January, so “Any Given Sundance” makes the mountain retreat a physical stand-in for the independent film culture that had sold the last scraps of its soul by 2008, just as Lisa nearly does when she turns her family’s most humiliating and intimate moments into the documentary Capturing The Simpsons. The Lisa's Wedding episode originally aired in 1995 and came with a few more unexpected predictions. While everyone else enjoys a perfect day in New York—seeing Little Italy and Chinatown, taking in a Broadway musical, riding in a carriage through Central Park, visiting the offices of Mad Magazine—it’s Homer’s frustrating dealings with cops and khlav-kalash vendors and his desperate need to pee that really captures the soul of the city. Came true: … The Simpsons has a long history of satirizing the British, but “The Regina Monologues” unsurprisingly turns Homer into the ugly American—“We’re big-shot tourists from everyone’s favorite country, the USA. And, Godzilla-related turbulence jokes aside, the episode strives for some authenticity with George Takei voicing a sardonic but composed game-show host. Here, unwisely selected by Mister Burns to head up the nuclear plant’s new, union-free digs in India, Homer loses himself, Apocalypse Now style, once the Indian employees flock to his book-purloined management style. Proof ‘The Simpsons’ Writers May Be Time Travelers. Ever. There’s not much barb to the regional humor (“Did you know that candles are made by losers?” is as pointed as it gets), but at least “Moe’N’a Lisa” abounds with classy literati guest voices, including Tom Wolfe, Gore Vidal, and a petty grudge match between Michael Chabon and Jonathan Franzen that’s worth the trip alone. But the inevitable Homer-Ned rapprochement comes whooshing past like the sandstorm that traps Homer in the desert, leaving him with a sun-baked case of Jerusalem syndrome, his messianic fervor at least uniting Jerusalem’s three major religions in the universal love of delicious, delicious chicken. The only scenery he enjoys is a quick montage of famous paintings by French artists on his way to the vineyard that would soon become his prison. In season 25 episode … That’s a no-brainer,” brays one Boston football barfly, voiced by Boston-based Bill Burr, one of many Massachusetts celebrities on hand for local color.) (And is never mentioned again.) Three-eyed fish — Season 2, Episode 4. The Cuba outing actually stays the course, and resolves Grampa’s health issues, which stemmed from his loss of productivity. As those fields of bullfrogs attest, once The Simpsons visits your country, things will never be the same. The family's job at Mr. Burns' country estate goes awry when Homer goes mad; Homer's attempt to repair a toaster results in inadvertent time travel; The school staff turn cannibalistic. The opening sequence, in which Marge states the episode could not be shown and plays some live action stock footage, was also in reaction to this. Still, perhaps their greatest insult was boldly returning to Brazil some 12 seasons later for the tepid “You Don’t Have To Live Like A Referee,” an episode not even worth a minor international incident. So, what's going on here? to the best trips. © Watchr Media • All rights reserved, Proof The Simpsons Writers May Be Time Travelers, The Simpsons Will Finally Reveal Comic Book Guy's Origin Story, Disney+ Sets Up Simpsons Forever Themed Collections, Treehouse of Horror Streaming Now for Halloween, Treehouse of Horror XXXI Sneak Peek Images Give The Simpsons a Pixar Makeover, The Simpsons Season 31 Starts Streaming on Disney+, The Simpsons Introduces the New Voice of Carl Carlson, Ice-T Reflects on Going from Robbing Banks to Playing a Cop on SVU, Saved by the Bell Reboot Renewed for Season 2 at Peacock, Savannah Welch Is Barbara Gordon in Titans Season 3. no Itchy & Scratchy Land, no Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport, and Hollywood only barely counts. Although the episode has a bounty of Vegas zingers—“Someone dishonoring their marriage vows? [Erik Adams], In the DVD commentary for The Simpsons’ 11th season, showrunner Mike Scully acknowledges that “Kill The Alligator And Run” is a frequent pick for Worst. Although Yeardley Smith does admirable work in calling out the names of cheeses, Bob is actually in the driver’s seat throughout. [Sean O’Neal], The entire Simpsons family doesn’t visit France in this season-one episode—just Bart, sent on an exchange program as punishment for a cherry-bomb-in-the-toilet prank that ran afoul of Agnes Skinner (making her first appearance). This “affectionate love letter to Ireland” became a part of the show’s 20th-anniversary celebrations, and managed not to rub any of the Emerald Isle’s inhabitants the wrong way. The Simpsons’ creative team was publicly taken aback by Rio’s response to its homage to the “lovely city and people of Rio de Janeiro,” which revolves around the kidnapping of a poverty-stricken orphan, and it offered amends not only by suggesting the president of Brazil come fight Homer on Celebrity Boxing, but also calling Brazil “the most disgusting place we’ve ever gone” in a later episode. In addition, the hit show predicted the three-eyed fish back in its second season, nearly 30 years ago. He’d get his fill of the country in season 17. The episode’s tabloid inspiration will fade from memory, but the show will continue to chase the high of a $900 collect call, chaswassers, and “Mr. “The Italian Job” is ultimately as light on humor as it is Mafia references, but one thing writer John Frink and director Mark Kirkland get right is the pairing of character and place. ), and a surprisingly snippy Flanders family, considering that the story happens minus two entire years of bad neighborino behavior. ‘The Simpsons, 1993, this goddamn series predicted coronavirus. It’s almost too economical, not only reusing its South American setting and the show’s Xuxa stand-in, Xoxchitla, but pinning Homer’s stint as a World Cup official to the prior soccer-themed installment “Marge Gamer.” Lisa’s improvised speech about Homer’s unsung heroism keeps him unflappable in the face of gamblers attempting to fix the tournament, but despite that emotional through-line, the episode is mostly memorable for presaging a real-world FIFA corruption scandal. Mmmm, chicken. “Oh! After predicting the Disney and Fox deal nearly 20 years ago, many believe that The Simpsons writers just might be time travelers. But Donick Cary and Dan Greaney’s script inadvertently yields solid commentary on the culture clash, presenting the Simpson family as a mix of “ugly Americans” and well-meaning but condescending tourists. 2. [Dennis Perkins], Calling on a writers’ room infamously stuffed with Harvard nerds, the Simpsons’ season-28 trip to Boston scores a lot of comic points for how lived-in and specific the Beantown-bashing is. 1994 was the last time The Simpsons altered the episode, and the last time Buffalo made a Super Bowl appearance. At this time of year, in this part of the world, localized entirely outside of Homer, Moe, and Lenny’s rental car? The Simpsons creators may have made a big blunder in one of their Christmas episodes or have one of the main characters discovered the art of time travel? And with that, we are out of money.”), as does the Simpsons’ country of origin (“Foreigners are no longer welcome”). [Danette Chavez], The rare “The Simpsons are going to…” episode that ends with “get us sued,” season-13 episode “Blame It On Lisa” upset its host country of Brazil so much that executive producer James L. Brooks actually had to make a halfhearted apology to the city of Rio de Janeiro, lest its tourist board sue Fox for defamation. Construction on the building started in 2009, 14 years later. The whole family would see the sights in France in later seasons, but in this episode—credited to the Murderers’ Row of George Meyer, Sam Simon, John Swartzwelder, and Jon Vitti—traps Bart in slave-like conditions at a shady winery run by a couple of small-time crooks. Typical of a year that also found Lisa paired off with Fat Tony and Cletus’ respective kids, season 18’s “Moe’N’a Lisa” still offers some bright spots amid its rather algorithmic premise—all of them located in Vermont. Not necessarily, but there’s only so much unchartered territory left to a show in its 24th season, as The Simpsons was when “The Saga Of Carl” debuted. A great family game is now a great family movie,” she exclaims before walking in on a scene of two people shooting up. [Sean O’Neal], “That’s not a knife,” “Bart Vs. Australia” says to every other Simpsons journey beyond the Springfield city limits. The episode, broadcast correctly made the prediction 17 years ago on March 19th, 2000, and saw Bart's vision of his future in which he is a beer drinking adult, while his sister Lisa has become president, following Trump's time in office. Bart can be seen as a giant skateboarding and then there's the Butterfinger candy bar logo that many believe is from a time traveling Matt Groening. During Lisa's trip to London, a skyscraper is seen behind Tower Bridge that looks pretty damn similar to The Shard and is even in the right location. As ever in a travelogue episode, the family tours the local hot spots, although there’s a delicately clever care taken in the animation and jokes here that bumps the episode up a notch, as when Homer, attempting to make things up to the affectingly neglected Marge, takes her on a silly, speckled tour of Paris’ “pointillism district.” [Dennis Perkins], The show’s second trip to Brazil is a twofer on top of a twofer: It’s a “Homer gets a new job” episode as well as a “The Simpsons are going to…,” and the running-of-the-bulls setup in the couch gag means twice the international travel. Some are so convinced they even took the time to edit ‘Osaka flu’ to ‘Coronavirus’ in Kent Brockman’s news report. Vacation episodes may only be second to Halloween … Homer and Flanders pass a pair of Ralph Steadman-esque figures on the highway. “East Boston” and “Freckle Bog”) as both the “land of poetry and the land of bad poetry,” where U2 moves your belongings in mysterious ways and there’s boiled cabbage on tap. In an episode supposedly airing in 2000, they showed Trump becoming president. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer (Season 18, Episode 1) FXX Lisa's friendship with Fat Tony's son Michael prompts mob boss Tony to invite the Simpsons over for dinner. There are some solid digs at oppressive regimes, including a plaque in Tiananmen Square that claims “nothing happened” there in 1989. To be fair, Job never had to live next to Homer, as Ned is confronted with the spectacle of Homer doing nude Slip ’N Slide runs during Bible study. [Kyle Ryan], More so than her MacGyver fandom, Selma Bouvier’s loneliness was her defining characteristic, used to justify wedding after wedding after wedding. Taken at face value, the idealistic denouement feels out of place on The Simpsons, but considering legendary writer George Meyer penned the episode, it’s undoubtedly sarcastic. – New York Times – New York Times Read More Homer, overcoming his prejudices alongside everyone but Bart, briefly sees the possibilities of a Boston do-over, his measly two bowling balls supplemented by a forgiving, region-specific third. In a 1998 episode called The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace, Homer Simpson becomes an inventor and is shown in front of a complicated equation on a blackboard. The Simpsons could never make it in a place like Park City: partially because they’re quickly detested, then forgotten, by the festival crowd, but also because Marge can’t stop stumbling into provocative movies with ironic titles. Ever. Vegas’ naked hedonism and superficiality prove low-hanging fruit for The Simpsons’ satire, and the jokes come quickly. This being the show’s first trip up north, it had 11 seasons’ worth of jokes about what Homer calls “America Junior” to unload: Rush song in soundtrack, check. Over time, though, these travelogues expanded past the occasional family adventure to include business trips, diplomatic missions, ill-advised romantic gestures, and helping some secondary character find themselves. Jokes about universal healthcare, check. A 1999 episode of "The Simpsons" seems to foreshadow journalists reporting from home during the coronavirus epidemic, with anchor Kent Brockman delivering news from home. 1992, Season 3, Episode 24: “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?” … Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States was predicted 16 years ahead of time and the writers claim that it was more of a warning than anything. The Simpsons is an American animated comedy franchise whose eponymous family consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.The Simpsons were created by cartoonist Matt Groening for a series of animated shorts that debuted on The Tracey Ullman Show on Fox on April 19, 1987. Nineteen years ago, they predicted that Disney would buy out Fox. As it’s done with every other cornerstone of family sitcoms, The Simpsons has taken the vacation episode to new heights (and lows). In 1994, Springfield Elementary school was hiding a shady secret: the … Socialism gets a bit of a drubbing in both cases (“In Denmark, we have socialized tattooing. But what really makes this particular Simpsons destination episode work so well is its lovely metaphor of “the third ball,” calling as it does on the uniquely New England sport of candlepin bowling. Time Travelling Toaster (also known as TTT, Triple T, Trippy T or simply Toaster) is an alter ego or persona of a currently unknown experimental multi-genre music producer, electronic musician, and visual artist whose stage name is possibly based on the episode Treehouse of Horror V from The Simpsons. Simpson, shush: Disparaging the boot is a bootable offense!” In failing to restore U.S.-Australian relations (to the chagrin of a slimy diplomat played by Phil Hartman), “Bart Vs. Australia” tweaked “ugly American” conventions and permanently established the show’s foreign policy. (Since when did the show ever have something nice to say about George H.W. I feel like the family, or members of the family, have traveled to far-flung destinations more often than they’ve celebrated Christmas on the show. This is the day when the Simpson family made their first official appearance on television, having appeared in the third episode of season one of The Tracey Ullman Show, in the short Good Night. Homer refuses a variety of illegal payments in an interchangeable picture-postcard locations, but one Simpson winds up enriched by the experience: Marge really gets to put her Portuguese lessons to work. Sixteen years ago, an episode of "The Simpsons" predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US president. These are only two out of the many things that The Simpsons have accurately predicted over the years with alarming accuracy, which is now leading to claims of time travel amongst the writers of the massively popular cartoon.

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