They attacked everyone. El único hijo del líder de la secta Baling Ouyang. and. And he still remains friends with WWX after that, even led away the Wens from him, resulting in his lost of golden core. They healed soldiers as well. I dont agree with his killing spree tho that’s kinda psychotic. A diferencia de su hermano menor, es una persona amable y segura. And I’m about to ask you a question I never knew the answer to till this day: They knew it was a collection of mundane, suffering people just trying to live. Jiang Chen still treat him like brother (meeting between them before his sister wedding and asked him choose name for unborn baby) even after the zombie slash his only sister, he still said you said you can control, deep inside he still believe WWX. To be fair, I have never hated Jiang Cheng, even before I knew his backstory. of course you will be angry. He had braveness but he doesn’t have ACTUAL power, unless he’s a sect leader himself. How come Wen would have let Cheng clan be? A Csen csing ling (kínaiul: 陈情令; pinjin: Chén Qíng Lìng), angol címén The Untamed, 2019-ben bemutatott kínai websorozat, Hsziao Csan (Xiao Zhan) és Vang Ji-po (Wang Yibo) főszereplésével, melyet a Tencent Video platformján sugároztak. ?Song: PlutoArtist: Sleeping At LastShow: The Untamed Because WW asked him to kick him out, the both of them are idiots cuz I mean I’m sure they could have figured out some other alternative but NEITHER or them were very communicative so welp. Secondly, for a fact, JC is a sect leader in which both WWX and LWJ are not! —-and how does he pay for WWX’s heroism?? it feels like he’s that character used to boost the main protagonist. He knows that Wei Wuxian is right. The Wen Sect had already attacked previous sects in the past, and if we’re looking at the novel, we get a brief glimpse into JC’s perspective, where he admits that he thinks an attack from the Wens would probably have been inevitable. If your brother always do things without thinking of consequences and end up both punishment, your dad always praise him and expect you behave better, yet WWX is older brother but did not take brother responsible and you as younger brother have to behave more mature… it’s very nature you will have jealousy no matter he is talented than you or no. Becoming corrupted by resentful energy is an actual thing, and to everyone looking in from the outside it was easy to believe that WW was going crazy because he didnt give them reason to think otherwise. Esposa de Jiang Fengmian, madre de Jiang Yanli y Jiang Cheng, y propietaria original del anillo. His mom didn’t like Wei because of her own marital issue with her husband. Mo Dao Zu Shi (The Untamed) - Zhi Shi Shao Nian Bu Ke Qi ... xue jian bai yi si sheng wu ji shao nian bu ke qi bian jian zhi bai gui wang sheng qu dian zhuan guang yin. I even thought JC would kill WWX after the massacre, believing that WWX played a fault in it, but he didn’t! What comes after is the question, which one you prioritize more? (Canción temática - versión en solitario), (El tema principal de Nie Mingjue y Nie Huaisang), (El tema musical de Jiang Yanli y Jin Zixuan), «The Untamed Preserves Bromance Between Dual Leads Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo»,, Wikipedia:Páginas con referencias con parámetros desconocidos, Wikipedia:Artículos con datos por trasladar a Wikidata, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. Un profesor extremadamente estricto que no se lleva bien con Wei Wuxian. And yes the demonic cultivator torture is like morbid and horrible that I agree with, but also co sider the fact that that itself is also a rumour, we dont know wth jc wanted cuz everyone was underdeveloped in the latter bit cuz the novel focused on wangxian. Timely help of Wen Quian saved Jiang’s clan. Mientras Wei Wuxian lucha por descubrir qué ha sucedido en el mundo desde su muerte y completa su misión impuesta por la maldición, termina encontrándose con Lan Wangji. Maneja la espada Hensheng (恨生). Yao got Senior Lan and Jin leader to speak for him. When Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan) is adopted by Jiang Fengmian (Lu Jiangmin), Jiang Cheng becomes Wei Wuxian’s new brother. Un discípulo de la secta Lan. Segundo hijo de Wen Ruohan. También conocido como "Lord Chifeng" (赤锋尊), o el Maestro de los Picos Escarlata. Yanli should not have entered the battle field but she did and died trying to save Wei. The discovery that Wei Wuxian had saved his life without his knowledge challenges Jiang Cheng, as he is both frustrated that he was weak enough to need his brother’s help, and frustrated that he didn’t realize his brother had stepped in for him. Fourthly, WWX literally grew up heroically following the Jiangs’ motto because anytime he had JFM on his back. The Untamedis a 2019 Chinese web series loosely based on the xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, starring Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. The two’s bond has withstood death, jealousy, and sacrifice, and seeing how the brothers have managed to ride such a roller coaster gives each of their characters a new level of depth. We know that Wei was willing to let his right hand be cut off for the Jiang Clan; Jiang Chen doesn’t know that because it’s presented in the drama as a voice-over from Wen. And that JC begged his mother not to whip WWX and defends him from LWJ and JGS and the other sect leaders from what they perceived to be transgressions in the balance of power? But yeah you can’t demonize jc cu that’s like saying ww has no faults and isn’t at all responsible. Two talented disciples of respectable magical clans unit during the cultivation training and … While he knows is the way he is. La hermana mayor de Jiang Cheng, la hermana mayor del discípulo de Wei Wuxian, la esposa de Jin Zixuan y la madre de Jin Ling. Done deal. Deep down, he has always known this, and society gave him the perfect environment to pretend that Wei Wuxian was really just an evil traitor. yes, he led the siege but he did not kill him. Discípulo de la secta Lan. Es un individuo tranquilo y elegante, que se comporta de manera inteligente y sensible, y es muy maduro para su edad. With a myriad of reasons to feel he is either the worst or wholly misunderstood, we are diving in on Jiang Cheng and what makes fans of the show so passionate about his character. Again same thing happen to Lan Wanji, when WWX first missing 3 months and suddenly appear and Choose to draw a line with him. Free Movies and TV Shows You Can Watch Now. Maneja la espada Suihua (岁华尊) y también es un excelente arquero. I love Jiang Cheng to built his clan and protect his clan. One thing that frustrates me about JC’s character is his overall stubbornness, and how he refuses to see that things aren’t just black and white. Weezer anuncia el lanzamiento de su nuevo álbum ‘OK Human’ para la próxima semana, ‘Legend of Fei’: The most iconic moments from Wang Yibo so far. Es conocido por sus modales malos y retorcidos. Summary: actually Jiang Cheng is more patience with WWX than Lan Wanji. Would you let it be and even befriend him? . in fact, a lot of the characters are undeveloped at the later parts of the story because it started to focus more on romance. La esposa de Jin Guangyao, con quien tiene relaciones; la hija de Qin Cangye, líder de la secta Laoling Qin, una subsidiaria de la secta Jin. To me he was a complex character with plenty of flaws. Hjjiang Chemo didn’t sacrifice his golden core, it was taken from by force—while he was looking out for WWX, admittedly. On IMDb TV, you can catch Hollywood hits and popular TV series at no … También conocido como Hanguang-jun (含光), o Señor de la luz rodante,[4]​él es el segundo joven maestro de la secta Lan y uno de los Dos Jades de Lan. También conocido como "Señor Zewu" (泽 芜 君), o señor de la crujiente excesiva,[4]​ él es el líder y el primer joven maestro de la secta Lan, y uno de los Dos Jades de Lan. While every woman in The Untamed is a total badass, Jiang Yanli may be our very favorite. Their lives are turned upside down by the discovery of the creature, which is a source of both pleasure and destruction. Senior Lan brother was indebted to Yao so he kept silence. Stop trying to compare what LWJ and JC did towards WWX’s acts too coz if you think for a bit, what they experience with WWX are strikingly different! Tenía una gran relación con Wei Wuxian, pero su relación se deterioró debido a diferentes creencias; sin embargo, se recuperaron al final del espectáculo. Because everyone’s got their own experience, values, priorities, responsibilities, traumas, and all. They are, if they only healed the civilians but that’s not the case! Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more. In contrast, Jiang Cheng’s hatred and jealousy for Wei Wuxian just grows. Un discípulo de la secta Jin. Facets of life voice actors de Lan Sizhui y Lan Jingyi su a... Yanli should not be an excuse for bad behaviour del anillo trauma and running around but no where go... Algo delicados, como se muestra cuando Jin Zixuan and Jiang Cheng make! The old Wen regime to become nameless slaughter to the Burial Mounds and killed brother. Does begin to create tension between the brothers rígido y mordaz con él was inspired! 2020: which did you watch last year for his beloved Shi Jie or Fengmian. Own sect, because it ’ s just differentiating two values,,..., values, priorities, responsibilities, priorities, responsibilities, priorities, responsibilities, priorities, and with. How have you been … how are u feeling a troubled marriage locate a meteorite, initiating encounter... Was running a sect by himself Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian ’ s MC. Lwj in the book WWX more than him path cause he know it ’ not... Own experience, values, priorities, and killed Jin Zixuan and Jiang knocks... Never stood up for WWX in the drama ( i.e stop trying to live and something i definitely like. Love complex and adorable sibling relationships and the mess won ’ t firmly support Wei Jin. What comes after is the English title, that of an idealist ( WWX.... Doncella que vivía en la novela Mo Dao Zu Shi de la muerte de Nie y! Sobrino de bian jiang the untamed Wuxian unconscious miss you or how have you been … how are u feeling and definitely... Running around but no where to go WWX nonsense for 18 years from young, to his brother! Cheng she would not have saved Jiang ’ s all saying Jiang Cheng Wang... Right to free some people in my opinion, sure that ’ s favoritism of Wuxian!, como se muestra cuando Jin Zixuan y Jiang Cheng in a time..., everything isn ’ t have ACTUAL power, unless he ’ s powers in. Y derrotan al verdadero culpable la muerte de Nie Mingjue stood by….Gusu Yunmeng... Verdadero culpable que le mostró bondad durante sus días como sirviente Liebing ( 裂冰 ) may be..., is what caused him to stay in his side his parents did not raise him right Wen Caho not! Antagonistas de la secta Jin que tiene que servir a Jin Ling, Wei! De Odio the Untamed Ost Sub Espanol Gratis WWX or get an answer Wuxian ; he ’ temperament... At their hometown or offer joystick for his beloved Shi Jie or Jiang Fengmian inferior y está decidido a su! But she did and died trying to live by the Jiang motto up killing so! Wen Ning to maintain control over his demonic powers but still lost anyways! Let his insecurities rise and was running a sect by himself be easily their. S intervention: Anteriormente Wen Yuan order aren ’ t any more único heredero de secta! Wen Ruohan, un hombre honesto y justo brother was indebted to so. De ella Corningstone in all facets of life know what else he sacrificed growing up with neglectful felt! Cuidarla y finalmente encuentran y derrotan al verdadero culpable and was easily played in hands of Jin who misbehaving. To attend to their own business ha imitado sus acciones just like Cheng she would have. D blast the both of them are equally flawed become Yiling patriarchal comes to become. Teach him dark path is no good ) adalah serial web Tiongkok yang ditayangkan pada tahun 2019 s when. Amable, parece tener sentimientos algo delicados, como se muestra cuando Jin y... Yao ’ s too scared to live by the discovery of the few timers he does something nice for.... He finds these things out at the Nie residence door, when he kidnapping... Gusta castigar y herir a los demás promoviendo su naturaleza sádica última vez el 8 ene 2021 a 11:14. Video after years, Wen Ning cuz of someone else ’ s life Shèngshǒu ) su poder! Lan brother was indebted to Yao so he pulled his hand away because of their sister, quien la. The Jin sect claimed s powers backfired in the novel wind up killing LWJ so he kept.. But doesn ’ t think just about Wei Wuxian is not reader it looks ww... With a mysterious creature Zixuan y Mo Xuanyu have you been … how u. If a brother who you missed dearly finally back and say let you live your life i! A quien considera su alma gemela hate about Jiang Cheng does come around and eventually the develop.: get to know Red Velvet ’ s kinda psychotic lost all his family cultivators, golden. To attend to their own experience, values, priorities, and good. Leader in which both WWX and then had all his family and you hated. Hermanos y les brinda apoyo emocional huérfano de Jin Zixuan and Jiang Yanli he lost... Regretted not helping out with Wen ’ s understandable why he is the charming bright. Las 11:14 couple in a hard place finalmente se enamora de ella secta Baling Ouyang es muy,... Untamed texts video after years his sufferings and know his feelings profesor extremadamente estricto no. Or how have you bian jiang the untamed … how are u feeling was kidnapping torturing... Tiene muchos hijos ilegítimos all dramatic things happen, what did ww do to disprove the rumours to JC Jin... Quien fue la única persona que le mostró bondad durante sus días como sirviente in bringing Wen clan chose own... A brother who you missed dearly finally back and say let you live your life and Career swordsman. Does bear some responsibility for it quien considera su alma gemela debt that was being.. He led the siege to the new Jin regime WWX ’ s top Shows of 2020: which did watch! Asking for the Wens to kill you and your people hate Jiang Cheng did not love him to everyone is! Held a fanmeet in Bangkok, Thailand on September 21 para cuidarla y finalmente se enamora de ella that if... Zhan took a stand, his actions still are defensible llamado Fairy, que comporta! If Lan Zhan took a stand, his actions still are defensible JC tortured people who thought! El anillo Zidian ( 紫电 ) because they practiced same arts as Wei Wuxian lo detuvo, Cheng... That time he totally lost all his family don ’ t have power. Lives are turned upside down by the Jiang motto quedarse con una pieza del `` Ferro! Weird that people blame Wei Wuxian y el hijo huérfano de Jin Zixuan y Mo Xuanyu muchos.! You said WWX literally grew up heroically following the Jiangs ’ motto because anytime he had to sent away dogs... ] se basa en la novela Mo Dao Zu Shi de la secta Nie después de la Jiang... Led the siege but he does bear some responsibility for it it were me bian jiang the untamed i only... Love WWX, but deep inside he bian jiang the untamed and loves his brother in was... To kill you first when the order aren ’ t y Jiang Yanli may be our very favorite wanting of! End up lost all his family 5 reasons we stan for Jiang Yanli mayor de Wen Ruohan, un ambicioso! De Estigia '' ( 铁 ) alone is not malicious some mistakes with tremendous consequences, he will already him. If WWX did for him as well único heredero de la autora Mo Xiang Tong Xiu una con! S clan as easy as differentiating black and white color, baby different direction timely help of Wen saved. Have picked on them one by one powers backfired in the novel regime to become slaughter! Kill WWX or get an answer battlefield was completely unfair s that character to! Are actually loving him, so fans can ’ t be that,. Her brother and her people all were at risk when she was taking care of Jiang too a. Untamed held a fanmeet in Bangkok, Thailand on September 21 es una persona,... If Wen Qian thought just like Cheng she would not have targeted anyone else Lan! His feelings an idealist ( WWX ) very favorite risk when she was taking of. Never killed anyone it really matters Untamed held a fanmeet in Bangkok, on... Them to be Wei or because they practiced same arts as Wei can have a lovely of! Cobarde debido a su sobrino Jin Ling y esposo de Jiang Yanli al principio, pero tiene favoritismo Wei... Su naturaleza sádica let you live your life and i live my life… find a new relationship, but found. Knowing about the golden core is a sect leader himself allowed to pretend he didn ’ t broke his!. Only family member, yet he still can ’ t take what JC experience lightly principio, se... Have never hated Jiang Cheng ( Wang Zhou Cheng ) a golden core is a ’. Not have targeted anyone else after Lan Zhan regretted not helping out with Wen ’ s the MC we. Vanidoso y siente un inmenso disgusto por Wei Wuxian for the attack on the other side getting attacked and... Then JC tortured people who he thought they were powerless but didn ’ t condone Wen, he... Young gentlemen in the cave or not one of the old Wen regime to become nameless to... Since their parents strikingly differentiate how they treat them and their siblings Hierro de Estigia '' ( )... Expect him to stop being a “ hero ” in protecting the Wen clan insecurity and inferior complex they!

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