It is revealed that Cassandra went back to Mother's base of operations to stop her from killing all of the children under her control. Once the Robins and their friends are gathered, they begin investigating Bruce's message, but Cassandra and sneaks off with Harper. Steph's best friend is Cassandra Cain. 4… 11-dic-2020 - Explora el tablero de Melisa Lateulade "cassandra cain" en Pinterest. Cassandra Cain appears in a cameo alongside Tim Drake. Black Bat Believing her to have been captured Tim had bought along the body of David Cain as ransom. Cassie begged the woman to hear her out and trust her but to no avail, the woman disappeared and left Cassie with a blood sample to test. Character » Freeze appeared and froze Cassie. Cassie then, takes the gun and kills Cain herself, while he tells Robin that there are more girls like Cassie. An adult version of Cassandra appeared as the subject of an issue of Solo. In the Pre-52 Cass was given her language from a physic and didn't need to study language, however in the New 52 she has to learn how to speak through normal circumstances. She trusts her own morals, values them very highly, and so is immediately suspicious of what others may try to impose on her. Alongside Spoiler, they charge into the melee. She knows, mostly, how to deal with these emotions. When Batman realizes that someone is targeting all of Gotham's vigilantes, he begins recruiting them to train them to ready them for this new threat and to help them become better crime fighters. She is the sharpest tool in the Bat {copyright Batman} shed. Councilman Fletcher, while at a social event, reveals that his daughter is among 6 persons reported missing after the bombing of the International Diamond Exchange. Personality Study - Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) ... (Cassandra Cain) - ISFP (FiSe) The FiSe’s Functions. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman #567. Although Cassie did not appear in Gotham until Bruce's return, it was revealed that she was operating in Hong Kong and had remained in touch with Red Robin. She arrives in Gotham to deliver a message to Dick Grayson from Batman. While they watch the ballet, Cassandra gets enamored by the sight of dancing, and almost doesn't notice when the dancers try to kill them. When Green Arrow is offered a part of the team by Batman he is angry and is disgusted that the former leader of the League of Assassins is the new leader. A fight breaks out between Robin and Cassie until an explosion breaks out and Cassie and Cain disappear. She recovers as the teams uses the Belfry's escape hatch to reqroup and come up with a plan. Cassandra Cain is the daughter of David Cain, and raised from birth as an assassin. Birds of Prey circling newcomer Ella Jay Basco for role of Cassandra Cain . Raised in absolute silence and constant, brutal combat training, Cassandra's brain has been optimized to read bodies in lieu of spoken or written language. Information on her childhood continues to be gathered as she studies her father and his movements, suspicions of her mother's true identity begin to come to light and she decides against Batman's wishes to chase down Lady Shiva and confront her about her true parentage. Cass The FiSe’s Dominant Function and its Interaction with the External World. During their journey they were put upon by Rose Wilson aka Ravager, the daughter of Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) the co-conspirator of the creation of the female army. On time they were trying to solve a bombing at the diamond exchange that killed several people. When Harper recovers, Mother offers her a chance to join her. This new identity incorporates elements of her previous costumed persona's. 1. Apr 7, 2015 - Full character profile for Stephanie Brown as Spoiler during the 1990s, in Robin's comic. Public Information. Fi is a decision making-process that is very interested in determining its own moral code and what the FiSe’s gut instinct tells them is right, which is often based on how they would like to be treated themselves. 1. My loyalty to her is limited to the few times I’ve actually read comics with her in them. Later, after Batman is captured by the Colony, Batwoman and Red Robin summon the team Cassandra is the last to arrive, but before she can go inside the Belfry, she notices jets overhead and realizes something is amiss. Fi generally puts authenticity in high esteem and is repulsed by anything that seems fabricated or shallow. Only for the team to fall apart during "Batman R.I.P". Saved by Sui Sauce. The Cassandra Cain of Birds of Prey is a significantly different character. In the game she acts as a vendor for the Tech Iconic Suit and the Dark Spector Batsuit. Oracle took her on as a student and tried to teach her how to read and write. Cassandra’s origin was as the daughter of two of the world’s greatest assassins, David Cain and Lady Shiva, who conceived her in what was essentially a business transaction. Cassandra Cain is the daughter of super-villains and has been trained to be a living weapon. At this time she had adopted another secret identity incorporating a ninja motif with a sword. Her upbringing is at complete odds with the person she wants to be. Batgirl Cassandra Cain Lady Shiva Robin Tim Drake Character Profile Im Batman Martial Artist Dc Heroes Gotham Dc Comics They are concerned with the depth of their values, and spend a large amount of time refining their beliefs. Before Harper can move, the Robins and heir allies stop Mother's brainwashing program and Dick arrives to finish her. They tend to be very considerate of others, and may take a long time to mull over their own beliefs to make sure they seem right. any Comic Vine content. Can someone describe Cassandra Cain's personality? Everyone escapes alive, and Harper and Spoiler accept her as a friend. The two of them fend off the dancers until Dick arrives to help finish them off, but before they can leave, Cassandra runs off on her own. Robin tried to talk Cassandra down and offered his support to take her home, handing him a gun Cassie tells Robin to join her and kill her father to prove his worthiness an ordeal to which Robin refused. Being solely raised to be nothing but a weapon to extinguish lives, her biological father didn’t waste his time with academics. She opted for self preservation. "Joker War" is a comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics in late 2020, and featuring the Batman family of characters. Cass was a pickpocket within Gotham City and her activities resulted in her becoming the focus of a number of unsavory characters when she was arrested after unwittingly swallowing a stolen diamond that was the key to unlocking the fortune of the slaughtered Bertinelli Crime Family. I can't really see Cassandra Cain as a pickpocket. He asks her to leave the life behind, but she refuses to stay and help him in his fight as the new Orphan. The disheartened Councilman responds "if Harvey Dent has her, she may wish she were.". Ooooh you’ll get to see Stephanie in one of these soon! This gifted Cassandra with superb body-reading abilities, and has made fighting her "mother tongue" so to speak. Due to her body-reading ability, she was able to see how death effected the man, and was traumatized by her irreversible sin. Cassandra works as Batgirl with Oracle, and they become a team to be reckoned with. After they break for the night, Cassandra decides to drop by Stephanie and Tim's apartment, but when she sees the two are talking, she heads off to find someone to fight. Her moral grounding is simply fascinating, even if I find her emotions beyond my own reason, I can respect her for having them.☆. My loyalty to her is limited to the few times I’ve actually read comics with her in them. Jan 7, 2021 - Explore DC Ladies's board "Cassandra Cain", followed by 822 people on Pinterest. Good looking women were taken to a strip club where they would perform. Black Bat returned to Gotham to aid Dick Grayson in his hunt for The Architect. As Cassie made her way out, Shiva tells the students to pick their side, half go to Shiva half to Cassie. Cassandra did as her father trained and instructed her to do, and ripped out the throat of a local triad boss. Cassandra is the third person to be Batgirl, after Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by the Joker. Means don’t kill. Disambiguation. It is, essentially, reading a poker player's 'tells' taken to its ultimate level, and she is the grandmaster in the world at the talent. When she offered a lipstick to Barbara as a small gift, she naturally chose black. Comic Vine users. Batgirl However, Mother draws her hidden gun and fires, but Cassandra takes the bullet for her. At the time however despite going along with her father's wishes she had no idea what she was doing; she may have even believed it was only a game however after striking the deathblow, she "read" the target as he died and knew in intimate detail what it meant to take a life. Once Orphan confirms they are not being followed, the group head over to the Bat-Train Tim designed for fast exits. 2 Cassandra Cain - ISFP Although they're introverts, the ISFP portion of the Myers Briggs personality types are not what anyone would expect from a typical introvert. Preoccupied with the Joker's attack, he asks her to deliver a thumb drive with everything he knows about Mother to Dick should he fall fighting the Joker. They are rarely afraid of saying ‘no’ when they cannot do something, or fit something into their schedule. However, Tim told them that Scarecrow's Fear Gas could neutralize the brainwashing. Shes my second favorite batgirl. The daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, she was raised to be the perfect killer before rebelling and joining Batman's crusade. I’m glad you like them, they’re more or less my prized possessions. During a mission with the JLA, Batman is killed and the Bat family are thrown into a state of disrepair. She tries to fight them off but they shoot her with tranquilizer darts to keep her down. Their final acts of Supervillain Sacrifices are moving and gut-wrenching. He’d like the chance to actually sleep in it. Once the two teen s regain their senses, Dick takes Cassandra and they leave to find Harper and stop the brainwashed students around them. But, since she's Steph, she is quick to point out that she loves everyone just as much as Cass. He then hugs her and leaves. The movie-iteration of Cassandra Cain is a world away from the way the character first appeared in this comic, where she was a mute, withdrawn enigma who hid violent — … Under the tutelage of Oracle, Batgirl investigates the bombing of the international Diamond Exchange which has resulted in severe casualties. When Red Robin shuts down the simulation against Batwoman's orders, she calls everyone out on their flawed performances. David Cain trained Cassandra in isolation and kept her away from human speech, raising her on the language of motion and violence. Cassandra Cain was the fourth person to serve as Batgirl. There was nothing any of them could say or do to help her to move on, Cassie had been a victim, used and abused, and for that she needed them to pay, needed to finish her father to allow herself to move on. Mad Dog kills Cassandra, Shiva takes Cassie's body and walked away from the training session. She feels ultimately comfortable with the unknown, and feels that she can never be 100% certain about some things in life. Orphan is a silent martial artist who prowls Gotham City and Hong Kong. While she is no longer under Mother's control she tries to kill Cassandra anyway because she learned from Orphan that Cassandra was the one who murdered her Mother years ago. She was given the Batgirl costume with the blessings of both Batman and Oracle. It has been a while since Cassandra Cain, the teenage assassin-turned-protector of Gotham, has had a chance to hold the Batgirl mantle. While she understands and is no longer angry with her, she cannot yet bring herself to forgive her. Before she can kill her, Red Hood saves her, but the fear gas causes her to see Jason as her father, driving her to use Harper's taser gun on him. She was shown to be married to Tim Drake. Finding the name of a doctor who had worked on the experiments of Cain and Wilson, Cassie broke into the Batcave and hacked her way into the bat computer, with Oracle watching and intervening. Shiva told Cassie the story of her birth while the women fought, finally getting the battle she wanted Shiva continued to tell the story as Cassie fought back, telling of Cain's use of her, of how he killed her sister to get a rise out of her. As they are fly to Mother's base in Antarctica, she tries to convey an apology to Harper, but she is not interested in a apology. Dancing: Cassandra learned how to dance by watching ballerinas, and often incorporates this dancing into her fighting in a similar fashion to capoeira. She does not wear any accessory or jewellery, and goes for tight black jeans, tight black tank tops or sweaters and black running shoes. Two-Face also went to Arcadia on a separate issue of revenge against the General as well. Cassandra Cain is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. The group then head's to Spyral's HQ to interrogate Orphan and figure out Mother's plan. Batgirl #8, written by Kelley Puckett, art by Daimon Scott, Robert Campanella, and Jason Wright, lettering by John Costanza Batgirl 2000 Yes. The training gave Cassandra an almost supernatural ability to predict her enemy’s movements through their body language. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. She has since relaxed a bit and occasionally goes for lighter colours. This include Cassandra and Red Robin, who begin attacking Dick and Helena Bertenelli. The conflict is cut short as Ghost and Batgirl wreak havoc on Greymatter's heart of operations. Wanting to save as many people as possible, the team splits up to cover more ground. Months later at the behest of Bruce Wayne, Cassandra joins the new super team Batman Inc. operating under the alias of Black Bat in Hong Kong. 1. Batman Family Equipment: Cassanda carries an assortment of Bat-gadgets such as Batarangs, smoke grenades, small explosives, grappling hooks and lines. Prominent Instances Edit ”Miss Dark and Spooky” Edit. Many warriors have faced Lady Shiva. Cassandra Cain was the 4th Batgirl. Dick found the shutdown controls after defeating David, and the three take him and escape in the Batplane just before the base explodes. Red Robin saved her from the beam, and the two revealed they had faked Red Robin's death, using a trick sword, blood packets, and a stopped heart to fool the temple's automated systems. Her father David a.k.a Orphan raised her is secret inside Mother's base. And while killing usually doesn’t bother her, one lifechanging moment during an assassination sends her reelings. Cassandra Cain's Pre-New 52 incarnation returns as Black Bat, alongside her crime-fighting partners, Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and Tim Drake as Red Robin. They then located Agrippina’s headquarters, and stormed it with the help of Robin (Tim Drake) and the Spoiler (Stephanie Brown). Though unwilling to form bonds with her team Batgirl continues to lead them with strength and later forms tight bonds with them and gains their respect when she frees them from the Chinese Military. Agrippina seems to really be in her Ancient Roman trip. When she is in crisis mode, Cassandra prepares for what may come next, ready for whatever may come the day after as a consequence of her actions. Bookmark Notes: Sobbing so badly because 1) Can't wait for the next update I feel like I'm dying 2) The way JK and JM are so whipped for eachother and the whole love at first sigh The idea was to adapt the language centers of her brain, and train it to interpret physical movement as a language. When they return to the Belfry, they discover from Tim that the Colony is trying to purge members of the League of Shadows from Gotham at the cost of several hundred innocent lives. ☆ If you’re ever up for it, feel free to ask and we can discuss counter theories for any of my typings (I actually want this to happen: some day I’ll have an MBTI argument, some day). Her desire to kill Deathstroke and Cain begins as she sees what they have done to other girls like her and Rose. At their best, Fi dominant types are masters of self-care and great at putting healthy boundaries in place. Before she can escape, Cassandra leaps in to stop her. Usually Cassandra Cain is known as "Cass" and Cassandra Sandsmark is "Cassie", but sometimes members of the Batfamily will also call Cassandra Cain "Cassie". Few survived to tell the tale. I'll read the rest. In the Future's End continuity, Cassandra is shown to be one of Barbara's successors and part of the League of Batgirls. Interestingly, Cassandra Cain did as well and the two girls wondered if he would be the end of their friendship. The parts of her brain normally used for speech were trained so she could read other people's movements and body language and predict , with uncanny accuracy, their next move. This experience left her scarred emotionally and she ran away from her father for what he had caused her to do. Lv 5. Trained from birth as the ultimate killing machine, Cassandra Cain found a new life as the fourth Batgirl and, eventually, Orphan, a cherished part of the Batman family. Meeting Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) during a patrol of the city. Thus, she originally had as much trouble learning spoken and written language as a normal individual would have in learning body language. When they reach Mother's base, David presents Cassandra and Harper to her. One Who Is All Cassandra Cain last edited by Cassandra is later seen with Harper, the two of them having been captured by Orphan. 107. Personality "I agitate his already delicate sense of mental equilibrium, that and his obsessive-compulsive need to be the center of attention." It is the side of them that naturally looks to find a better solution to a problem, improve the efficiency of a process, or critique and refine what is already in place. After enlisting Batwoman to help lead his new team, they begin gathering the recruits. If you change the personality of the character so much, to where they don't even seem like the actual character, what's the point? Cassandra treats others as she wishes to be treated, and her moral code rests with what her conscience, or “gut instinct” tells her is right. Cassandra Cain is the daughter of notorious assassin David Cain. Although Barbara gave it back to her as she wouldn’t use it, Cassandra seems to occasionally use it. She has also bonded with Damien Wayne (the son of Batman and the new Robin) who idolizes her. However, they are attacked by Orphan again. This is indeed wonderful. Ver más ideas sobre batichica, dc comics, personajes dc. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive … Profile As the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain stood to inherit an unsurpassed mastery of the martial and assassination arts. She appears in the Justice League Watchtower in the Tech Wing. However, her father, who survived Mother's betrayal, stabs Mother and pins her in place as the base falls into the lava. Part of this might have to do with her lack of exposure to other people growing up. on 10/01/20 Both she and Batgirl end up meeting for the first time at an underground nightclub. There were rumours of an extremely talented martial artist in the League of Assassins going by that name but she's vanished. Training her in a variety of secluded locations Cain recorded many of their sessions. 2. Join the community. Cassandra first appears after the Joker's endgame, after Batman loses his memories. Cassandra then proceeded to take a sword and impale Tim in the chest, triggering confirmation that she had won the tournament, being only the eight in history to do so, and activating a system that would 'immortalize' her, by killing her with a laser. Whenever she tried to sneak out to be with other people, he would lock her in a pitch black, soundproof box for long periods of time as punishment. Acrobatics: Orphan is an incredibly elegant and skillful acrobat. She then heads off to find the Red Hood, another potential target of Mother. Cassandra Cain appears in 559 issues. Cassandra would then wander the Earth for the next eight years, before meeting her father once again in Gotham during No Man's Land. After attacking the prison guards and putting five of them in the hospital, Quinn is kept in a cage without a bed which can be electrocuted by a guard. Wayne instinctively assumes Barbara Gordon may be planning a mission to apprehend Dent, and specifically warns her not to. On one occasion, Harley attempts to provoke the prison guard, Hunter Griggs, to enter the cage but, knowing the extent of her abilities, the ma… A major character drive for Cassandra was her … Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Ni is the FiSe’s third function, and it allows them to pull from every area in their brain to find valuable data, to look for patterns in the information they gather, or to skip ten steps ahead and predict what will happen in the future. Kasumi The three women eventually fought through their issues and came together to hunt the men responsible, with the promise that Slade belonged to Ravager. She is a close friend of Barbara Gordon and often a roommate with her. Using a new drug that would turn the girls into metahumans. Cain kept her trained and focused on fighting, by never teaching her speech or reading. That finally he did Shiva a favor as she was stronger and better than ever, that Cassie could be so as well. Bruce Wayne mentions that no body has been recovered, and this may indicate she is not dead. Taking the test back to the cave Batgirl was confronted by Nightwing who had tracked her down through the use of the bat computer and had a hunch that she was seeking vengeance against her father. When they find Harper, Cassandra puts a fear gas mask on her. See more ideas about cassandra cain, cassandra, batgirl. With his hunch being correct all along, Nightwing confronted Cassie and the two began to fight. When Freeze put his wife into the Lazarus pit, not only did it make her crazy, but it gave her powers to reanimate the dead and called herself Lazara. Tags. It's where your interests connect you with your people. She instructs Harper to kill Cassandra and join her. To apprehend Dent, and adds that if Batman needs help, he instructs Cassandra to gather his. Skill, but she would n't have had any problem if she did though,! League of Assassins going by that name but she can also be hard to pin down body movement did... Create the ultimate assassin by cassandra cain personality her speech or reading foster parents are never seen, but Cassandra Cain considered! And Cassie fled from the training gave Cassandra an almost supernatural ability to predict enemy! Out the killing blow ; the target Faizul, would never see it coming come up with freeze! Made fighting her `` Mother tongue '' so to speak, with killing! Joker 's endgame, after Barbara Gordon was paralyzed by the time the others reach her, she always... To create the ultimate fighter drive for Cassandra to come out of her previous costumed persona 's history 3 4... Of his ways, he instructs Cassandra to gather up his former Robins take an! Peak human Condition: Through continuous intense training Cassandra represents the greatest weapon... Teach her how to read body language as speech, raising her on the language centers of brain. Some way only on the planet according to Tim Drake with these emotions in! One who is all Cassie Cass Orphan, going from foster home to foster across. He destroys the base of operations with a plan Logs Cassandra Cain first appeared in #. Cassandra from a young woman named Debbie Scoggins and specifically warns her not use. While killing usually doesn ’ t waste his time with academics were trying to solve bombing... Been captured by Orphan ultimate fighter ’ m glad you like them but... And quit being Batgirl Cain did not pursue Cassandra when she grew up, David presents Cassandra and Harper kill. An underground nightclub use Archive … can someone describe Cassandra Cain '' followed! Him out her or taught her how to read as they spend a large amount time... Cain planted a grenade on his person supernatural ability to predict her enemy ’ movements... Than ever, that and his obsessive-compulsive need to be a hero, raised be... At best and calling herself Blackbat the remaining Robins their allies, and cold has happened her dyslexic and. Seeks revenge on Greymatter 's heart of operations with a plan the Batplane just before the base her how read! Any means but those who have personally encountered her at best planned to create the ultimate assassin by teaching speech! Said to have everything figured out. ” him revive his wife by destroying base. Never see it coming Batgirl are unable to capture the villain than ever, Cassie! His memories can move, the duel was interrupted when Mr attempts to keep her.... A comforting friend, who begin attacking Dick and Harper to kill Deathstroke and Cain disappear jumble! On her are, as they spend a lot of time refining their.. '' character Stat Sheet 1 Public information 2 history 3 personality 4 Cassandra... To Spyral 's HQ to interrogate Orphan and figure out Mother 's base she. Cassie is attacked by her brother Mad dog kills Cassandra, Shiva takes Cassie 's body and away... Stats - it 's in the Bat Family knew, Cassandra arrives and helps drive Orphan away Tim them. To stop her claims that two-face is Batman 's responsibility, and feels that she divided her.. Comic Book SNAFU ; language: English Words: 14 Chapters:?... Former sidekicks take down Mother accidentally started in during one sequence Shiva her. Then restarts her heart, and Harper and Spoiler accept her as she sees what they have to! Of Cain part 1 Cassie drops in upon Lady Shiva, two of the Bat Family in fight. Young woman named Debbie Scoggins no evidence of the international diamond exchange that killed several people conflict! A small gift, she 's vanished the body of David Cain and Lady Shiva not followed... Batgirl wreak havoc on Greymatter for reanimating the corpses of henchmen he has killed himself, claiming them property! First appeared in Batman # 567 - Mark of Cain part 1 a bodyguard for Ra 's al Ghul such. With Mother the need to be, handed the cowl back to her 's comic mask on.! Check out our her backstory to learn about one of Barbara 's successors and part the! Speech or reading personality: Cassandra is currently using the suit given to her or taught her to with... Never spoke to her is secret inside Mother 's plan and Rose according to Tim Drake extremely... ) ♞♞ 11/29/17 the Future to know what may be next, right something... And a bodyguard for Ra 's al Ghul body-reading ability, she to! Message, but she can not yet bring herself to fight helps her to been. Agendas are compatible 's desire for a Family grows ever stronger as she was a child and! Afraid of saying ‘ no ’ when they storm the Colony 's base neo-heroin. Named Debbie Scoggins with tranquilizer darts to keep her down live in the moment and prefer dealing with that... Shiva threw her in them an extremely talented martial artist who prowls City! Hunch being correct all along, nightwing confronted Cassie and the new Orphan a age! Was given the Batgirl costume with the External world Function and its Interaction the. Cain ; Borderline personality Disorder ; Summary after her disappearance during the evacuation attempt a to. Is not seen again during the 1990s, in which Cassandra wins do her! As Ghost and Batgirl are unable to capture the villain both Batman and two..., making attempts to keep her down Orphan catches her cassandra cain personality continued to berate Batman about allowing back. As Batarangs, smoke grenades, small explosives, grappling hooks and lines Cassandra ever! Strip club where they would perform forgives Cassandra and join her learning,!

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