Cartman is heavily implied to only pick on others because of the insecurity he has acquired from others calling him fat. In "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", when Token constantly mocks Cartman about his weight, and Kyle after provokes him, Cartman throws a rock Token. In "Here Comes the Neighborhood", Cartman makes fun of him because he is rich and wealthy. Butters, Kenny, or Craig usually act as his right hand man, and recurring members of the groups include Token, Craig, Clyde, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters, but most of the time they (with the exception of Butters and sometimes Clyde) seem to realize how mentally imbalanced he is. Funko Pop: South Park - Cop Cartman #17. Scott Tenorman is Cartman's half-brother and arch nemesis. Indeed, the others consistently show a willingness to follow him and trust in his leadership when he's using his abilities for "good.". Practice social distancing in style with this South Park Cartman Stay Back Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt. Kyle is quick to support Cartman in his new business, even going so far as to tell Stan that they can't be friends anymore because he's with Cartman Burgers now. "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" shows for the first time that Cartman has the uncontrollable urge to finish singing Styx's "Come Sail Away" whenever he hears any part of the song, which he can do, under pressure, in 27 seconds (possibly a sign that he has a very minor case of OCD based on the fact that he mentioned it was not only songs he had to finish). Liane dotes on her son endlessly, beyond simply spoiling him. The aftermath of Cartman's greatest triumph in "Scott Tenorman Must Die". Even though Cartman is a child, he discriminates against a lot of people. ', Cartman appears to know very little about the female anatomy. Therefore, Kyle and Cartman could be seen to have a more complex connection than Stan and Kyle with . Later when his supposedly real motives were revealed, knowing how Cartman typically is, Kyle promptly fights him in Kenny's defense, although Cartman was genuinely distraught over Kenny's illness before and after he learns that he can benefit from it. Les personnages principaux de la série South Park sont : Stanley Marsh, Eric Theodore Cartman, Kyle Broflovski et Kenneth McCormick. Ike joined Cartman's crew in "Fatbeard", and was the only Jew in the crew. Cartman has the tendency to pull pranks on Butters while he is asleep. And in the episode, "A Ladder to Heaven", when Cartman drinks Kenny's ashes mistaking them for chocolate milk, leaving Kenny's soul trapped in his body, until the episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe". Although at the end Cartman walked away sad, when she said they were friends again. When he learns someone has confessed to the crime he, Kyle, Stan and Kenny had committed, thus eliminating the need to kill Kyle who was going to confess himself, Cartman asks Stan (in his usual trademark-pathetic way) if he can still kill Kyle. His primary goal of that was because he needed someone to pick on (he had started to pick on Butters, but Butters just wasn't feeling it.). This is similar to the Saw movies. ("We must exterminate the Jews!"). According to their mutual friend Jonathan Korty, Trey came up with the name Cartman during a Super Bowl party on 29 January 1995. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Race In "Pandemic", the boys decided to start their own Peruvian band to earn some spending money. Male ", followed by 365 people on Pinterest. Although he has committed many atrocities and crimes, he has only been arrested seven times. Grandfather Cartman is often shown to be a poor student, but excels in leadership and team organization which usually involves exploitation of others weaknesses. In "Le Petit Tourette", when Cartman's fake Tourette's become real, he reveals to everyone that he is in love with Patty Nelson, and that he fantasizes kissing her. Cartman and Stan were also seen interacting one on one in "Sexual Healing" when Kyle, Kenny and Butters were away at the Karne Institute for Sex Addicts and they were playing with each other on the domestic violence/golf video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 at Cartman's house and they were getting along just fine with no arguments. Cartman wins the bet, and his single-minded quest to force Kyle to suck his balls subsequently becomes a significant subplot of the trilogy. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at Also, in the episode "Are You There God? A similar instance can be seen during "Cartman Sucks", although Kyle only punches Cartman in the arm. He has actually never fired it, and only uses it to threaten people. here.) Cartman tries out for the wrestling team in "W.T.F. This means that Cartman does support the republican party but he did not tantrum over any losses in presidential elections, unlike Ike Broflovski. When they spotted a real Peruvian band "stealing their spotlight", after the other boys first confronted them in English and the band members continued to play as if they didn't hear them (since they didn't speak English), Cartman began yelling at them in Spanish, generally telling them to stop playing in their area. The two of them often have arguments about morals, like in "Up the Down Steroid", where Cartman decides to pretend to be mentally handicapped so he can win the "Special Olympics". On another occasion he was able to convince the majority of the adults of South Park (as well as many people from other cities and the entire state of South Carolina) to nearly take over the U.S. via an out-of-hand re-enactment of the Civil War, as long as he kept them drunk so they wouldn't realize what they were doing. In "City on the Edge of Forever (Flashbacks)", Cartman is telling a story and has Kenny dying at the end, even though Kenny had died minutes before by being eaten by the giant black monster outside the bus. Religion Please carefully observe all photos in order to properly assess box condition for your own judgements. Uncle StinkyHoward Cartman Although Liane possesses a social and moral conscience, Cartman is usually able to manipulate her into doing even morally reprehensible things for him. He plays the piano quite well in the episode "Christian Rock Hard" (although the piano plays by itself whilst he is singing so it may be a player piano and Cartman can't play it), the violin in "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes", the French horn in "Summer Sucks", the drums in "The Red Badge of Gayness", the harmonica in "Jakovasaurs" and "Whale Whores", the recorder flute in "World Wide Recorder Concert", the acoustic guitar in "Chinpokomon", and pan flute in "Pandemic". Although they are shown bickering, the argument isn't angry as most of the arguments between the two can be. Kyle reprimands Cartman for this, saying that “Heidi is a nice girl”, and tells him that he should just break up with her instead of creating horrible schemes to get rid of her, adding that she didn’t deserve to be treated so badly. In "South Park is Gay! The very dark, usually disturbing undertones to his personality often hint at an extreme mental imbalance. For the most part, it seemed that Cartman was perhaps lying or misquoting his mother, except for in "Pinkeye", in which Liane made Cartman an Adolf Hitler Halloween costume, despite Cartman not knowing who that was at the time. Although she was a lesbian, and the boys did not understand what it meant, they tried to become lesbians in order to try to win her. In "Raisins", he agreed with Butters when he said to Bebe "Oh yeah? Scott Tenorman continually defeats Cartman's attempts at retrieving a sum of money Scott tricked him out of throughout the episode, humiliating Cartman and elevating his hatred and desire for revenge. If you don't want to get her pregnant you pull it out and pee on her leg." Cartman's mind even once backfired against him during "Le Petit Tourette", during which he made everyone believe he was suffering from Tourette's Syndrome, so as to be able to go around saying whatever horrible hateful thing he wanted without consequences. He is shown to be randomly strumming a guitar and beating the drums so he isn't too good at them. Cartman frequently bursts into song spontaneously, sometimes with melodies and topical lyrics of his own devising, although his musical talent is questionable. Later on in the episode, after Cartman screamed for his new foster mother, Mrs. Weatherhead walked into the room, replying with "My name is not Meem.". In the "The Unaired Pilot" episode, Cartman was shown to have a father and sister, but these characters were cut out in the official pilot. He even eventually comes over to check if Kyle is okay, giving Stan a distasteful look. However, in earlier episodes like "Damien" he is able to beat up Kyle. the Denver Broncos and father of Cartman's arch-rival Scott Tenorman. Throughout the episode he collects abandoned cats in his attic out of sympathy. In the episode "Christian Rock Hard", Butters does another one at Cartman while he is beaten down by Token, by farting on his face giving him the finger while saying "fuck you Eric", for his repeated blasphemy and ruining their band. Erstelle mit dem Avatar Creator deinen eigenen Avatar und begib dich hinter die Kulissen der preisgekrönten Serie. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Although Cartman doesn't generally like anyone in particular, he was very fond of Chef, as seen in "The Return of Chef" where Cartman was crying in front of Butters and even admitted that he was going to miss Chef, but didn't know how to tell him. Cartman appears to have a very strong hatred for Kyle, and shows that he has no tolerance for Kyle's Jewish faith. He also appears as the main antagonist of the 2017 video games, South Park: The Fractured But Whole and South Park: Phone Destroyer. South Park: The Stick of Truth. In "ManBearPig" Cartman stumbles upon a pile of treasure while the boys are trapped in a system of caves. In 'Make Love, Not Warcraft", when Clyde Donovan tells Cartman he's going to stop playing World of Warcraft, Cartman says that the French also stopped playing when Hitler rose to power. Cartman is also the only person who seems to take Kenny's deaths seriously. SPS The fact Cartman does this could indicate an unconscious sexual desire towards men (Ben Affleck in-particular in this case), Cartman's extreme lengths to trick his friend (despite them not being present to witness the hand jobs, making the actions pointless in the grand scheme of things), or that Cartman's Mitch Conner is part of a psychological break resulting in a multiple personality. This shows skill, though most were surprise. In "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", he also was shown using a very potent type of mace designed for use on bears. Their first meeting was in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", in which Scott sold Cartman his pubic hair, convincing Cartman it would signify maturity for him. implying that one of his relatives may have abused him. Almost immediately on the psychologist receives a phone-call from his frantic wife, claiming that she moments ago received a police report about the psychologist having an affair with an under-aged girl. In the episode "Fatbeard", Kyle encourages Cartman to run away to Somalia, hoping that he will die. In "1%", it appears that Cartman has multiple identity disorder, as he appears to have "murdered" his stuffed animals while having no memory of destroying them. However, obesity, HIV, poor eyesight, and bad tonsils may be the least of Cartman's health concerns; Cartman seems to have a very poor mental health. In "Kenny Dies", he is distraught at Kenny's impending death leading Kyle to console him. In "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society", after Wendy grows adult-sized breasts Cartman and the other boys laugh at her and Cartman calls her a "stupid bitch.". Le père surprend sa femme et leur fils dans la cuisine. In "Tsst", he is slightly thinner, although in later episodes, he was shown to have regained the lost weight. He ran a regular podcast named Mad Friends (parody of Mad Money). According to the girls, Cartman is the ugliest boy in their class, likely because of his weight. South Park RuneScape Comedy TV Shows … Cartman beats up several people with these weapons; Mint Berry Crunch and The Mosquito at the same time, though it was a surprise attack, a little girl in an airport; several adults in an attempt to stop "murders" and "rapes", and fights off Professor Chaos and General Disarray, though he is eventually beaten. Cartman shows a pathological degree of impatience when forced to do something he doesn't want to do or when he has to wait for something he wants. In "Fat Butt and Pancake Head" Cartman's uses his hand as a ventriloquist dummy, who claims his hand is a con-artist named Mitch Conner, who is claiming to be Jennifer Lopez. Kyle still made it a point to break his Xbox after they come back from New York and LA curing AIDS. Jimmy is one of the kids that Cartman have manipulated sometimes, and sometimes becomes his rival in "Craig's Gang". In "The Passion of the Jew", Cartman also speaks German, but most of his words are mispronounced, leading us to assume he only knew a few Nazi slogans. The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty had been completed back in 1992 and "The Fat Kid" needed a name. In "Christian Rock Hard", Cartman got beat up by Token after he wasted money that they made and scared their crowd away; he also racially insinuated that Token could play bass guitar on the grounds that he was black, which turned out to be true. In the later seasons, she has been shown to be strict with him as seen in "Coon 2: Hindsight", "Coon vs. Coon & Friends", and "HUMANCENTiPAD" all of which show her not only following through with punishments, but also showing obvious disgust with Cartman's behaviour. He has a preoccupation with becoming mature, or at least more so than his friends, which frequently ends in him doing something that is anything but mature. Cartman is described in various terms, in short, he is an evil, vicious, angry, self-absorbed, immature, destructive, sarcastic, snooty, loud-mouthed, lazy, and insane child. She doesn't mind doing stuff that is completely gross, as seen in "Make Love, Not Warcraft", when she takes a bedpan down to the basement where the boys are playing Warcraft and lets Cartman crap into the bedpan that she is holding.. Fans believe that this pairing can be considered a crack pairing while at the same time, other fans believe this pairing is one of the most canon pairings alongside Style (Stan and Kyle). Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. In "Skank Hunt", he along with Stan, Kyle, Butters, Clyde, Jimmy and Token smash Cartman's electronics due to them thinking that he is Skankhunt42. Also, in "Imaginationland, Episode II" and "Imaginationland, Episode III", he is talking about how he should take his picture of Kyle sucking his balls. With this factored against his outrageous acts against her, it can be seen that he has a strong loathing of her and yet has some form of caring about her at the same time. Cartman, though incapable of empathy towards people, exhibits a strong bond with cats despite being a speciesist. By this reasoning, he falls under "Neutral Evil", with no particular preference towards law or chaos, as either one can be used to his advantage. He has an uncanny way with words and uses that to his advantage whenever he plots an idea. The schemes he has tried include; becoming a part of the Denver "tooth racket"; and stealing Tooth Fairy money from kids, starting a boy band called Fingerbang, and forming his own church and embezzling it's collection money These all failed miserably for several reasons. Cartman's hatred of hippies and allergic reaction to liberals could mean that Cartman is a conservative. In the episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever", Cartman treats Wendy's plea for breast cancer awareness as a joke, and subsequently she beats him up, leaving him in a pool of his own blood. Cartman and Kyle then found out, along with Mr. Johnson, that the actual cure for AIDS was heavy doses of cash, the point being the solution to any problem is to throw lots and lots of cold-hard cash at it. An even bigger irony however, would be when he later discover that he was indeed half-Ginger, as his biological father, Jack Tenorman (who was also father of Scott Tenorman) was a Ginger football player for the Denver Broncos. In "Cartmanland" Cartman says "He dies all the time" and brushes his death off easily because he'll come back tomorrow. Cartman is shot and killed by someone within the game and he says, "Ah! However, whenever all the boys join forces for a common cause, such as in "Marjorine", "Imaginationland" or "The List", Craig is usually Cartman's right-hand man. Since Cartman has trouble restraining himself from teasing Kyle Schwartz about his Jewish heritage (since he is the stereotypical Jew that Kyle Broflovski had been trying to avoid being for five years), when Ms. Choksondik later tells Kyle Schwartz to concentrate, Cartman impulsively blurts out: "Maybe we should send him to concentration camp!". However, Scott discovered that Jack Tenorman was also his father, much to his shock, but not because he killed his own dad, but because he's half-ginger, ever since Cartman vowed to get revenge on Tenorman again and get the last laugh. He also quotes, "Haha charade you are" from Pink Floyd's song, Pigs (Three Different Ones). In fact, Cartman comforts Shelly when she feels insecure about her appearance and feels that no one likes her. It is possible that Kenny is Cartman's only real friend and he does not understand how to react to having such a friend, or the opposite since Stan and Kyle at some points have stated that Kenny isn't really their friend and that they don't give a crap about him (although this is usually whenever they want to avoid him for some reason, such as when he had chickenpox). Cartman as a metrosexual in "South Park is Gay!". July 1 Also in Pee, his ignorance is again displayed when he thinks all the minorities in "his" water park are what the Mayans predicted and by 2012, the apocalypse will be when the whole world is minorities. However, after being released from prison and after winning the race against the girls, Cartman vows to never take his friends for granted again, much to Token's delight, who starts to warm up to him. Eric Theodore Cartman, more commonly known by his surname Cartman, is the main antagonist as well as one of the protagonists of the adult animated sitcom South Park; he is usually a morally ambiguous anti-hero, antagonist or protagonist villain. Cartman also carries around what appears to be a Glock 17 pistol that has been seen in a few episodes. If you had a chance to go back in time right now and stop Hitler, wouldn't you do it? However he is usually Kyle's first choice when he breaks his friendship with Stan. Cartman would often argue with the hand at length, and the hand would apparently work independently of Cartman, such as masturbating Ben Affleck. Ein schöner safter Jud. No combined shipping. This milk-sneezing problem is due to a malfunctioning kidney, which Cartman is tricked into donating for transplant, benefiting his friend Kyle, who receives the malfunctioning organ as seen in the episode "Cherokee Hair Tampons". When Stan shows up, drunk, talking to Kyle, it is shown that Cartman is keeping a close eye on them from where he was standing. In the episode "Jakovasaurs", Cartman makes up a song called "I Hate You Guys" where he sings: In the episode "Lice Capades" he attempts make Kenny a scapegoat for his lice problem (not realizing everyone had lice), and upon "proving" Kenny's guilt with an elaborate, phony experiment, Cartman then organizes a cruel "sock bath" hazing ritual for Kenny - continuing with it even after Mrs. Garrison reveals that everyone had lice. Many of these aspects of Liane's personal life are a constant source of annoyance for Cartman, whose friends often mock him over, and which he attempts to fruitlessly deny. Comedy Central. Cartman's "You Will Respect My Authoritah!" Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ranked this episode among their favorites, and it frequently tops critics’ lists of the show’s greatest installments. In "Cancelled", Cartman once again finds himself the victim of getting an anal probe from aliens. The fact that Stan is portrayed normally in the Christmas story hints that Stan is Cartman's friend, unlike Kyle, who is portrayed as evil. No Hat UPDATE: Clothing in the Boss fight against Cartman removed. Roman CatholicFormer Blaintologist In the first episode. Cartman also displays a lack of knowledge about sex, despite the fact that his mom is frequently having sexual relations with other people in South Park; when Kyle says that Ike is too young to understand sex in the episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", Cartman replies, "What's there to understand? South Park Mini Figure Collection Box Set 4.3 out of 5 stars 50. Most people at school regulary and openly despise and hate Cartman for being selfish and mean spirited, also mocking him for his weight (which has lead Cartman to be extremely insecure, going as far to be known to dismember children when they insult his weight), but most of the time Cartman seems to have a on and off relationship with everyone in in town. In "1%", it is revealed that he is so unhealthy that he single handedly made the school's average on the Presidential Fitness Test the lowest in the entire country, despite the fact that all of the other students scored average on the test. The girls assume that Kyle has feelings for Heidi, leading Kyle to question his relationship with her, and he soon develops an interest in her. However, Liane seems to be one of the only humans whom Cartman genuinely cares about; it was only his much-repressed conscience that kept him from killing her in the same episode. Funko POP! In first three seasons, Cartman did not show any racism but it soon developed after the events of "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime". High quality South Park The Coon gifts and merchandise. Cousins South Park. Also, in the episode "Cherokee Hair Tampons", the two are shown playing with spaceships without Stan or Kyle (although Kyle was dying at the time). However, Cartman has at times displayed a special dislike for Kenny, often without any reason; most often, he shows contempt for Kenny's family living in poverty. to the tune of "Comedy tonight" from "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum". $5.00. 10 Chef even helped Cartman get Kenny's soul out of his body, before it killed him. Kyle hates him in turn. In "I'm a Little Bit Country" he smiles and sings the Dawson's Creek theme while he kills the Official Messenger Boy with a piece of wood then drags the body off-screen, although this happens in what was essentially a fantasy of Cartman's and may, therefore, due to Cartman's inflated ego, not be representative of his actual abilities. He also has been shown to consider Judaism to be a disability and the title "Jew" to be an insult. The toys soon disappear, leading Cartman to find Muscleman Marc inside a pot of boiling water, and Rumpertumskin chained with a bomb collar, which Cartman inadvertally sets off, blowing its head off.

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